The Graffham Rustics - at The Empire Hall Since 1951

   The Graffham Rustics

Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society

Present by arrangement with Samuel French

Jimmy Perry and David Croft’s

“Dad’s Army”

Based on the popular BBC comedy classic

Everyone knows the BBC comedy series about the Home Guard of Walmington-on-Sea, who battle daily against the Germans (not to mention ARP Warden Hodges), but not many realise that a few of the episodes were adapted for the stage. Jimmy Perry and David Croft’s “Dads Army” depicting the exploits of a war time Home Guard platoon has become an all time comedy classic. Jimmy Perry said of amateur productions of Dad’s Army that he had seen he “was amazed how well everything came together” Then the  thought struck him how the Home Guard were a group of people in the community working together and amateur theatre was much the same.

The Graffham Rustics will bring to life two scripts, “Mum’s Army” and “The Godiva Affair”. The Rustics will bring their own unique interpretation of the characters of Pike, Jonesy, Fraser, Godfrey, Walker, the redoubtable Captain Mainwaring, and his Deputy Sergeant Wilson, Mrs Pike and Mrs Fox and whole host of other Walmington-on-Sea personalities. Period songs have been added to round off this evening of nostalgic entertainment.

The audiene are invited to come in period WWII costume.

A prize will be given each evening for the best effort.