The Graffham Rustics - at The Empire Hall Since 1951

Our Life President and Founder

In Memorium

Eddye Loring

1906 - 2008

The Graffham Rustics greeted with great sadness the news on Thursday July 17th, 2008, of the death at the age of 101 of our Founder and Life President, Mrs Edith (Eddye) Loring

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Eddye Loring on her 100th Birthday

In the early years of the Second World War two  Land   Army  Girls   wrote  a hilarious musical play, drawing on  their experiences on  the  land.  In 1950 they approached Noel Dicker who produced occasional plays in the Empire Hall about the feasibility of putting Back To The Land on here. So, in 1951, the Graffham Rustics were born. 

One of those women was Mrs  Edith (Eddye) Loring who has been involved with the society ever since. At one time she was,  as   an   excellent  contralto,  an  important   member   of  many casts; she was prolific in her musical composing, and, with several different partners, wrote 4 shows that have entertained previous audiences; and she was a director who knew exactly what she wanted from her cast. Latterly she was less active, but, even 5 years ago she was still attending every show, and, particularly when her works were involved, able to give advice to current directors.

Eddye Loring celebrating her 100th birthday with YoungRustics

In the early 1980s she was made Life President of  the  Rustics, and she is  held in great esteem and affection  by  every member of the society who knows her.

 On the 10th November 2007 Mrs Loring celebrated her 101st birthday.

                                                Eddye Loring

                                                 1906 - 2008